Instrumental tuition is available in the school both by the SELB and privately.  Selection for tuition is based on the results of the Bentley Test administered at the beginning of Year 8 and when genuine interest is shown.  Once selected, the parents sign an annual contract agreeing to tuition for the full academic year and that good care is taken of the instrument.  In the case of students using SELB instruments, they have to pay an annual fee for the hire of the instrument as well as the tuition fees to the school.

Peripatetic Tutors

Mrs. Bernie Muckian                  Upper Strings

Miss Joanna Shields                  Upper Strings

Ms. Jan Lyttle                               Upper Strings

Mrs. Ita Mathers                          Lower Strings

Mrs. Pauline Mc Court               Woodwind

Mrs Bernie Balfe                           Woodwind

Mrs. Niamh Mathers                  Brass

Mr. Austin Gallagher                  Percussion

Mr. Doug Stewart                         Drum Kit

Mrs. Doreen Finnegan               Voice / Piano

Mr. Michael Murphy                   Guitar