Departmental Staff


Head of Department: Mrs M Wilson

  • Mrs A Mallon
  • Mrs I Smith
  • Mr L Muckian
  • Mr T  Murney
  • Mrs M Murtagh
  • Mrs D Graham
  • Mrs K Branagan



The depart arrange for the Sacrament of Reconciliation for everyone in the school during the periods of Advent and Lent. There are retreats arranged for Years 8, 12, 13 and 14 and there are also End of Year Masses for Years 12 and 14. Year 10 also attend mass in the Armagh Cathedral with the Cardinal.



Key Stage 3 ( Year 8, 9 & 10)

Years 8 study religion 3 periods a week following the Fully Alive Programme. The course beings with them looking at themselves and then develops on to look at the life of Jesus, Sacramental life and faith development. Religion is enjoyable, fun and encourages a faith life. During these first year studying religion, the use of the school oratory is also very important.


GCSE (Year 11 & 12)


At GCSE level students study religion over 4 periods a week. and follow a curriculum of St Mark’s Gospel and Roman Catholic Tradition.

St Mark’s Gospels includes topics like:

  • Parables
  • Miracles
  • Discipleship
  • Death and Resurrection of Christ

The topic of Roman Catholic Tradition includes topics such as:

  • The 7 sacraments
  • Christian teachings on wealth
  • World poverty
  • War
  • Discrimination
  • Prejudice

There is also an entry level followed by two classes every year and this involves 7 pieces of coursework and a terminal paper.


A Level (Year 13 & 14)


AS Level


At AS and A2 level students study religion over 8 periods a week and look at the topics of St John’s Gospel, Islam and the work of Martin Luther.

The topic of St John’s Gospel includes:

  • The signs
  • The discourses
  • Women and discipleship

The topics of Islam covers:

  • The 6 beliefs
  • The 5 pillars
  • Pre-Islamic Arabia
  • The life of Mohammed

When looking at Martin Luther, students will concentrate on the life and revolt against the Catholic Church and the establishment of Lutheranism.


A2 Level


Again, the topics of St John’s Gospel and Islam are covered at A2, but in greater detail. There is also an Implications paper at the end of the year.

A2 students will cover the following topics in St Johns Gospel:

  • Opposition
  • Crucifixion
  • Death
  • Resurrection
  • Prologue

The topics covered in Islam at A2 include:

  • The 4 rightly guided caliphs
  • The Sunni Shia Split
  • Sufism
  • The Surahs of the Koran

When looking at the Implications paper the students will focus on the links between the teachings of St John’s Gospel and to scholarly debate as well as their own human experience.