Departmental Staff


Head of Department: Mrs S Pélissou

  • Mrs M McMahon
  • Mr L O’Keeffe





Every two years there is a Cultural French trip, which give students the chance to hear the native language of the country. Every year the department avails of a French assistant, which allows pupils access to an authentic native speaker.




Key Stage 3 (Years 8,9 & 10)




In Year 8, each student has two periods of French a week. This is then increased to three periods a week for Years 9 and 10. The topics covered at Key Stage 3 level include the following:

  • Myself and my family
  • House and home
  • My school
  • Colours
  • Pets
  • Weather
  • Days and months
  • Numbers

As the students progress through the three years the topics are covered in more detail as well as studying grammar in more detail.



GCSE (Years 11 & 12)



Following the AQA specification, there are four components involved in studying French: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing, with the main emphasis being on the speaking aspect.  The topics covered at GCSE level include:

  • Me and My Family
  • Free time
  • Where I live
  • School and Work
  • School and work
  • Tourism
  • Lifestyle
  • Environment

Some of the topics have been covered at Key Stage 3 but are looked at in much more detail at GCSE level. Grammar is looked at in more detail at GCSE level as well.


A Level (Years 13 & 14)



As Level


Again, the same four main components are focused upon at AS Level with grammar again being looked at in more detail. The four main topics studied at:

  • Media
  • Popular culture
  • Family and Personal Relationships
  • Healthy Lifestyle


A2 Level


As with AS Level, the course is made up from the same four components with a greater emphasis on grammar. The topics studyed include:

  • Environment  –  pollution, protection of the planet
  • Multicultural society  -  immigration, integration
  • Contemporary social problems  –  crime, criminality
  • Cultural topic  - literature aspect