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1. Abdel-Fattah, R: Where the streets had a name

2. Adam, P: Escape from Shadow Island

3. Anderson, L H: Chains

4. Barker, D: Adam and the Arkonauts

5. Bateman, C: Ice quake

6. Blacker, T: Missing, believed crazy

7. Blade, A: Beast Quest series

8. Boyce, F: Cosmic

9. Bradford, C: The young samurai series

10. Breslin, T: Remembrance

11. Cassidy, C: Ginger snaps & Dizzy

12. Caveney, P: Sebastian Darke The Prince of Pirates

13. Chancellor, H: The museum’s secret

14. Choldenko, G: Al Capone does my shirts

15. Cole, S: Z-Rex

16. Colfer, E: Artemis Fowl Series

17. Collins, T: Diary of a wimpy vampire

18. Corder, Z: Halo

19. Cowell, C: How to train your dragon

20. Davies, K: The great hamster massacre

21. Dhami, N: Hannah’s secret

22. Diamond, E: Reavers’ Ransom

23. Dowd, S: Bog Child

24. Eldridge, J: Death in the desert

25. Elliott, P: The ice boy

26. Forester, V: The girl who could fly

27. Forsyth, K: Puzzle Ring

28. Funke, C: Inkdeath

29. Gaiman, N: The graveyard book

30. Gordan, R: Tunnels

31. Grylls, B: Gold of the Gods

32. Haddon, M: Boom!

33. Hale, S: Book of a thousand days

34. Harrison, M: The 13 Treasures

35. Hearn, J: Rowan the strange

36. Higgins, F.E: The bone magician

37. Horowitz, A: Necropolis

38. Ibbotson, E: The dragonfly pool

39. Impey, R: 6 feet deep

40. Jenkinson, C: Gnomes are forever

41. Jones, D.W: Enchanted Glass

42. Kinney, J: Diary of a wimpy kid

43. Lane, A: Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud

44. Landy, D: Skulduggery Pleasant

45. Llewellyn, S: The well between the worlds

46. Lorey, J: Nightmare Academy

47. McCaughrean, G: Peter Pan in scarlet

48. McGowan, A: Einstein’s underpants

49. McKenzie, S: The set-up

50. Magorian, M: Goodnight Mr Tom

51. Mitchelhill, B: Dangerous diamonds

52. Morpurgo, M: Running wild & The kites are flying

53. Muchamore, R: Recruit

54. Nicholls, S: Season of secrets

55. Nimmo, J: The snow spider

56. Norris, A: Ctrl-Z

57. O’Brien, J: Feile Fever & Little Croker

58. Paolini, C: Eragon

59. Paulsen, G: Hatchet

60. Priestley, C: Tales of terror from the Black Ship

61. Pullman, P: Shadow in the north

62. Quentin, B: Demon of the deep – A Jonny Quest adventure

63. Reeve, P: Here lies Arthur

64. Richards, J: The parliament of blood

65. Rose, M: Hurricane force

66. Sachar, L: Holes

67. Scarrow, A: Timeriders

68. Sedgwick, M: Revolver

69. Shan, D: The saga of Darren Shan: The vampire’s assistant

70. Smelcer, J: The great death

71. Swindells, R: Brother in the land

72. Toft, D: Wolven

73. Updale, E: Montmorency

74. Valentine, J: Iggy and me

75. Walliams, D: The boy in the dress & Billionaire boy

76. Westall, R: The machine gunners

77. Williams, T: Dragons of ordinary farm

78. Wooding, C: Broken sky series: part one – The sun went out

79. Zindel, P: Raptor

80. Zucker, J: Venus Spring & Striker Boy