Independent Learning


At St. Paul’s we aim to have a consistent approach to Numeracy and Literacy across departments.

Pupils develop the relevant numerical skills to access the curriculum and to function in every-day life.

Successmaker Literacy and Numeracy Package tests the ability of children from National Curriculum levels 3-7. It assesses students’ abilities and differentiates material so that each pupil is presented with activities at an appropriate level. Lessons provide materials for curriculum enhancement and can be integrated with other classroom activities encouraging classes to develop Literacy, Numeracy and IT skills.

Alta Online Mathematics assessment tests the children on NC levels 3-7.

The programme detects the strengths and weaknesses of each child and the pupils then work independently at their own level.  Skills in Literacy and Numeracy are developed.


Pupil’s working on Alta online Maths assessment at St Paul’s  

The Alta Online Maths assessment programme covers 5 main areas: Numeracy Number, Measure, Algebra, Handling Data and Shape and Space. It has proven to be an excellent resource and revision guide and has helped raise the mathematic levels and self-esteem of pupils at Key Stage 3. The Alta programme has been developed to be used by the Mathematics Department to benefit all students within the Junior School. All Year 8 pupils are timetabled for 1 period weekly.  There have been significant gains in Numeracy since the initial placement in the programme.

Pupils are encouraged to access other independent learning programmes and websites at home for revision. An updated list of these websites are in the pupils’ planners. The programmes have raised the levels achieved in KS3 Maths, English, Science and IT.

The Independent Learning Programmes have had a positive impact on teaching and learning in St Paul’s and have helped students develop confidence in Literacy, Numeracy and IT skills.

Pupils are rewarded with trophies and certificates of achievement at the Junior Prizegiving.

Below is a video of what pupil’s at St Paul’s think of Independent Learning: