Ethnic Percussion


African Drums



Saint Paul’s African Drums has been established since September 2006. The group consists of thirty pupils from year 10 to year 14. The group play Djembe, Bougarabous, Egyptian Hand Drums, African Shakers, Ju Ju Shakers and other ethnic instruments. They have won various titles including percussion titles in Newry, Warrenpoint and Portadown Festival last year. They have taken part in various performances across the country and have performed for the BBC TV programme “Our Wee World”. The group practice every Monday form 3.20 to 4.15.

Below is a selection of photos of some of the African Drummers at Recent Event at St Paul’s:


Below is a Video of St Paul’s African Drummers at the school Variety:


Samba Group


Saint Paul’s Samba Group has been established since September 2009 and consists of twenty-five year 8 and 9 pupils. They are preparing for their first performance, which will be Saint Paul’s Christmas concert. They play various sizes of Surdo, Guerre Snare Drums, Repiniques, Tambourin and Agogo Bells. They practice every Tuesday from 3.20 to 4.15.