Departmental Staff


Head of Department: Ms C Fearon




A Level ( Year 13 & 14)

Sociology is a subject that is offered at AS and A2 Level and examined by the AQA Examination Board. For each year, students focus on two modules and then sit two exams.


AS Level


Module 1: Families and Households – topics covered include marriage, cohabitation, divorce, diverse family structures, power and control within the family, childhood and government policies.

Module 2: Education – topics covered include differential educational achievement in terms of gender, class and ethnicity, teacher/pupil relationships, labeling, self-fulfilling prophecy and the hidden curriculum.


A2 Level


Module 1: Media – topics covered include media representations of age/class/ethnicity/gender and sexuality, selection and presentation of the news, ownership and control of the mass media, new media and globalisation.

Module 2: Crime and Deviance – topics covered include social distribution of crime and deviance according to age/class/gender and ethnicity, crime control, globalisation of crime and the study of suicide.

In both years all topics are looked at from of the different sociological perspectives including the likes of Marxism, Feminism and Postmodernism.