Health & Social Care

Departmental  Staff


Head of Department: Ms C Fearon

  1. Miss C McShane
  2. Ms C Maguire
  3. Miss M McNamee


GCSE (Year 11 & 12)

Year 11 Single Award following CCEA specifications

Year 12 Double Award following OCR specifications



A Level (Year 13 & 14)



At Post-16, Health & Social Care offered at both single and double award; all following OCR specifications.

Single Award students take six modules over the two years (two externally tested, four coursework). Modules include focus on Promoting Quality Care, Communication in Care Settings, Promoting Good Health, Mental Health Issues.

Double Award students take twelve modules (four tested, eight coursework) and include the above modules as well as Caring for Older People, Anatomy Physiology etc.
Students are involved in may practical activities to enhance their understanding of the subject & have received training and attended talks on the following:

  1. Training with the RNIB and accompanied visually impaired people from our local area to Stormont
  2. Training from British Sign Language organisation
  3. Liaised with local health promotion agencies and run school-based health promotion campaigns
  4. Visit from local Alzheimer’s Society
  5. Lecture from Action Mental Health
  6. Attended a locally based talk on Autism