Year 8 Science Wizards


Science Wizards is an after school Science Club which is open exclusively to Yr 8 pupils.  The aim of Science Wizards is to develop pupils love and interest in science, participating in fun practical activities. This year pupils had a busy time with lots of activities, including; taking part in balloon races, finding out ‘Who Dunnit?’ and enjoying a visit from Pet Connection. A big thank you to Nathan Aziz, Meaghan King, John McAleer, Shauna McCabe and Amy O’Connor; the Year 13 pupils who volunteered every week to help with Science Club

The ‘Great Balloon Race’

Pupils teamed up to design a balloon and wings which would win a knock-out competition. And the winner is……The Terminator!!!

‘Who Dunnit’

Science Wizards investigating who stole the leftover Maltesers from last week’s club, using fingerprinting, flame tests and secret notes. The culprits were Nathan and Amy!

Science Wizards welcome Pet Connection to St. Paul’s
Once again Pet Connections, AshtreeEnterprisePark, Newry visit our Science Wizards.
This year we met;

A baby Carolina Corn Snake

Cornflake the adult Corn Snake

Gandalf the Grey


The 8 week old LionHead Rabbit

Berta, the adult Bearded Dragon

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